Zoning & Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law Representation

Purchasing and selling real estate can be profitable, but the risks can be high. Accordingly, in any real estate matter it is important to have an experienced attorney protecting your interests every step of the way.

At Maslan Associates PC, we have nearly 20 years of experience providing effective residential and commercial real estate law representation. Our firm is dedicated to providing our clients in Fairfield County with an accessible environment and exceptional personal service. We understand that property matters involve an investment and want to make sure the actions you are taking are legally sound. Contact us at 203-656-3800 to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your objectives.

Land Use and Zoning

Our firm is especially effective in representing real estate owners and developers in all aspects of the land use regulatory process, including subdivisions, special permits, variances, environmental permits and coastal permits. We use our litigation knowledge to take a local matter through the entire process from the administrative proceeding through court appeals. We are dedicated to reaching your objectives from the time we have the initial pre-application consultation to the time you gain approval. We also handle post-approval follow-up work on your behalf.

Perhaps most importantly, we are able to assist our clients in identifying long-term plans for the property at the time of purchase.

Providing a Wide Array of Real Estate Services

We provide Connecticut real estate investors with a wide array of legal services, including:

• Closing
• Residential and commercial financing
• Title insurance
• Zoning
• Refinancing
• Boundary issues
• Riparian and littoral rights

We understand that challenges exist in today’s real estate market and that most real estate investments have long-term ramifications. Our knowledgeable staff will help you make informed decisions in the development of a beneficial plan that you can live with and grow with for years to come.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your residential and commercial real estate concerns with a knowledgeable attorney.